Our Story


Meet our Founder: Washburn Guitars' endorsed artist (since 2003), licensed Downtown Music Publishing artist (John Lennon's publishing company) since 2015, entrepreneur, humanitarian, former radio show host, a master degree social scientist, writer and most important, Mom. We call her Miss P. 

"You can take all the talents endowed to you and satisfy your own soul.  Fine. I choose to use them to serve my vision of humanity." 


We've been in the business of music for years! The Music Cart (at Redemption Song Inc.) is our online, dealer licensed, music store with a unique mission. We focus on great customer service, amazing brands of string instruments and a celebration of music as it relates to humanity. The Music Cart at Redemption Song Inc. is vision focused which includes bringing you the best string instruments, and more, for the best prices.

We have an equally valuable purpose, mission and vision of being of service to children and lacking communities. For example, for decades we have literally "played" a role in supporting USA schools and children who cannot afford instruments, by providing them with the instruments they need. We strongly believe in the benefits of music and equal distribution of it.  

Become a part of this story with a pleasant shopping experience here in our artistical and musical store. Also, we're partnered with some of the largest USA only music industry wholesalers, who fully operate from within the USA. That Aligns us with some of the largest, oldest and most trusted wholesalers in the country, giving us and our customers access to ALL THINGS MUSIC so if you don't see something you're looking for, reach out and let us know. 

"Orchestra" Members of The Music Cart Team

Dan - Director of Marketing

Lori - Director of Graphic Design (Web Master)


 Anthony (PMP) - Project & Merchandise Management 

Benazir - Social Media Management

Meet some of the kids whose lives we've impacted and enriched! 

Below students, in the Appalachian region, playing from our continuous donation shipments of instruments to their completely barren music classes, adding light to their lives. A violin received, is a first time play for this student.

Movement of Music.

This is Hawa. We supported 100% of her educational experience from 5 years old to here at 17 years (December, 2019: Ghana, Africa).  She is in a gap year and began teaching, prior to Covid-19, while considering a singing career!

Below in urban Mount Vernon, New York, we contributed this grand piano to the school's music department.

Movement of Music